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Everyone takes care of himself, his family or his customers. We are doing the same thing for you. And that in a professional and trustworthy manner.

About Us

Nicrotronic Ltd provides Fault Finding, Service (including 24/7 Call Out), Programming & Commissioning, Firmware Updating, Systems Upgrading, Networking and Maintenance services at higest level for all kind of Access Control Systems, Door Entry Systems, Warden Call Systems, CCTV Systems and Embedded Eystems (Smart Houses).

Our engineers and collaborators are multi skilled specialists in design, commissioning, service, repairing, fault finding & troubleshooting at component level and for this the reported faults are sorted quick, fast and in a professional manner from the first visit in a percentage of over 85%.

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Nicrotronic Ltd

Warden Call Systems

All major Warden Call Systems existing in UK -Tynetec - Tynetec Advent XT, XT2, Altec Response, SayPhone, Reach At-Home, Tunstall and Apello, the newly entered system in this domain, based on customised Android tablets - Akuvox C315S

Door Entry Systems

Akuvox (IP based system), Auta, Bell, Bitron, BPT (300, X1 and XIP systems), Bticino, Comelit (analog, digital and IP), Elvox / Raytel, EIS (including IP based),Entel, Entrotec (including Entrotec IP), Fermax (analog and digital), GDX (trained by manufacturer), Orcomm (trained by manufacturer), SRS, TVTEL and IP guard (Noralsy / NACD), Tynetec (Entel 100, 200, 300), Urmet (analog and digital), Videx (including GPRS)

Access Control Systems

ACT, Bewator, Campi (Noralsy / NACD), Easikey (PAC), Entrotag, Fermax, KMS, PAC Net2, PAC 212, PAC 512, Salto, TDSI, Telguard, Urmet, Vanderbilt, Videx, Vigik

CCTV Systems

DVR and NVR based systems: Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua, Qvis, H264 (Eagle Eyes)

Our Office Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we usually cover the North, North West and North East of London areas and sourrounding, but on demand we can covering more.

Our company is developing and in a short time we can cover a much larger area in London and its surroundings.

Yes, depending on the size and duration of the project.

Unfortunatelly, not for the moment. But we can recommend companies like us on your area.

Sometimes, on emergency call outs - to satisfying our customers requests - yes, we can attend sites located up to 100 miles away.

Our rates can be made available to you whenever you request them. We usually answer the phone immediately and respond to any requests sent by email within a maximum of 3 hours during the week. For requests received on the weekend, you will have our answer on Monday morning at 8 AM at the latest.

We are happy to keep in touch with you. Please send us a message if you have anything to say. It will be sent automatically to our office email address:

Nicrotronic Ltd

T: +44 20 3411 2965

M: +44 74 0590 3469



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